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How to Cut Office Energy Bill

For most people, the monthly electric bill accounts for a significant part of the monthly budget. In fact, the energy bill is often only surpassed by the mortgage or rent payment. 

It's usually in your best interest to keep it as low as possible, conserving energy and money. These relatively simple steps can help your office conserve energy and keep a lid on your power bills..

Shut down rather than log off

Computers left on at night do nothing except consume electricity. So unless your IT department is running an update to the network overnight, machines and screens should be switched off before you leave at the end of the day. And don't think your screensaver is saving you electricity. In fact, computers use more energy to illuminate your monitor than they do for processing.

Turn the lights out

Put the office lights on a timer so they go off after the last person leaves and come on again at the start of the workday. Or better still, invest in movement-sensitive lights that dim themselves when no one is around. These are often useful in bathrooms and corridors. Switch off lights in meeting rooms that aren’t being used.

Set heating and cooling to the right temperature

If your staff are stripping down to shorts and t-shirts in July, perhaps the heating is set too high. Similarly, if you spot cardigans and jumpers being worn in February, then the air conditioner is probably too cold. Having air conditioning and heating at the right temperature will cut energy wastage. It’s also important to make sure they are off after hours.

Replace old IT and office equipment

Old computer hardware guzzles energy, giving you little in return. Depending where you are, there may be government incentives as well as CSR benefits to investing in greener IT. Take note of the energy ratings of your office appliances. Do you have a six-star rating for your fridge or dishwasher in the office kitchen to help cut your electricity and water bills? Is the printer energy efficient? Buying office equipment that both caters for staff needs and minimises power use can result in big savings.

Consider before you print

The plethora of electronic devices, from tablets to smartphones to virtually light-as-a-feather laptops, means many people now end up just carrying them to meetings rather than a notebook or printout of that recent report. Reducing printer usage is a big saving, not just on electricity costs but also on the monthly stationery order.

Finally, don't forget to get staff on board. Little things like making sure everyone knows how to use the new printer, or trialling paperless meetings, will ensure staff feel motivated to do their bit. (TIMExplore.com)

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