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10 Amazing USB Accessories

10 Amazing USB Accessories - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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We are presenting you 10 amazing USB Accessories for your desk.

Some of them have really hillarious function, like USB Pole Dancer, USB Missile Launcher, USB Microscope, USB Putt Returner and some of them are somehow useful, like the USB Airplane Fan, USB Portable Chess etc. Take your time and enjoy..

USB Putt Returner


If you’re stuck at your desk when you’d rather be out on the green, the next best thing is the USB Putt Returner. Simply connect the USB Putt Returner to your laptop via your USB port, and take your best shot. Your hole-in-one is rewarded with a returned ball, ready for your next putt. For the lover of laptops who sometimes prefers to be putting, the USB Putt Returner retails for $21 at DrinkStuff.

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