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Technology Wars: LCD Vs LED

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There are new TV technology that has risen these days who changed the technology of television.

That technology is called LCD & LED TV. LCD TV are Liquid Crystal Display and LED TVs are Light emitting Diode, very thin panels, bright images and unique designs that are changing the traditional televisions. LED actually refers to the backlight of the TV; the technology itself is still LCD.

In LCD, a ‘Cold Cathode Florescent Lamp’ (CCFL) is used as the backlight. CCFL backlights are inexpensive, durable and versatile; however CCFL’s create whites that are slightly blue, which in turn lowers the quality of the entire image. The overall quality of the image in a TV, is determined by its ability to create accurate blacks and whites. The ‘Light Emitting Diode’ (LED) is more expensive than CCFL, and offer the same applied durability and technology; However, LED’s create more accurate colors, a brighter image, more compact size and lower energy consumption than LCD.

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