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Fabulous Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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Christmas trees are necessary part for celebrating Christmas. All the family members look to get their Christmas trees to decorate. Infact, Christmas tree decorating is fun. Both kids and elders greatly enjoy doing that together.

In this article we will suggest you how to decorate your Christmas tree.

Choosing a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree looks really good may depend upon your choice. You can opt for decorating a natural evergreen or an artificial tree. When using a natural tree, make sure it is well-watered and fresh. If you are decorating an artificial tree, then make sure you buy a pre-lit tree, which takes all the labor out of stringing and removing lights every year.

Christmas Tree Theme

Decorating a Christmas tree using a theme, is a very good idea. You can decorate the tree mostly with food, or with small detailed ornaments and lots of angels. You can also decorated with glass balls, wooden ornaments and plenty of flocking to simulate snow, flowers and vegetables.

Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights are usually the main attraction of your tree. With Christmas tree lights, more is usually better. Buy the best quality lights you can afford and try to purchase the same type of lights. Christmas tree lights can be stacked or end to end depending on the type of plug. Then weave the lights around the tree, making sure to go all the way to the trunk of the tree, in and out each branch. Your tree will glow and all the ornaments will catch the light and sparkle and shine. You can also wind a short set of lights around the trunk of the tree.

Use the Topper

Adding the topper first you can get a better feel for the overall picture and balance of the tree. While most people imagine stars and angels for a topper, you can choose some other choices. Have fun with the topper. If your topper sits too high on the tree, then you may want to trim a few inches off the top. You can straighten a tilting topper using wire on a stick or rod to give it a vertical perch.

Ornaments and Crystals

Place ornaments where they will be highlighted by the lights. Using different shaped bulbs, place them on the ends of the branches. Crystals will create a sparkle especially when placed next to the lights. Pinecones, leaf sprays, berry branches and other natural elements are inexpensive ways to add a natural quality to your tree. The most attractive effect is achieved by hanging clumps of tinsel just at the very edges of each branch. The effect is just more pleasing to the eye.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Without a Christmas tree skirt, you will find yourself staring at a very ugly base or tree stand. Line the bottom with a tree skirt. The skirt should be large enough to cover the tree stand but not be so long that people trip over it. You can use a fur blanket or even a curtain panel. Beyond that, it is really up to you about what you use. (TIMExplore.com)

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