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How to prevent pimples

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Pimples, or zits, are every teen's nightmare. Yet, there they are, sometimes day after day and surely week after week. Pimples are enough to ruin your day! 

Although they seem an inevitable result of being a teen, if you know how to prevent pimples, these blemishes can become only an occasional annoyance, which you can quickly nip in the bud. Don't believe me? Read on!

The most difficult part of learning how to prevent pimples is in accepting that they are not a fact of life. As a teen, you know that pimples crop up at the most inconvenient times. Why do teens get pimples on a regular basis, while adults seem to outgrow this vexation once into their mid-twenties?

It's all a matter of your hormones, which cause your sebaceous glands to produce excessive amounts of oil. The good news is that these very oils are what keeps your skin soft and supple. The bad news is that the excess oil is all dressed up with nowhere to go, showing up in pimples. Perhaps your Mom has tried to shore up your flagging confidence by telling you that oily skin means you'll have lovely skin later on in life. This sort of comfort chat does little to make you feel better now, when you're getting ready for a date and a big zit suddenly appears!

Let's face it, at your age, you can't think that knowing how to prevent pimples will prove 100% effective – one or two will show up now and then – but you can certainly make those few and far between. Here's how to prevent pimples from being a daily or weekly issue.

The secrets are not well-kept secrets and are entirely within your control. Your diet, cleansing procedures and reducing stress are paramount in your effort to prevent pimples. Perhaps this sounds like some broken, overplayed soundtrack, but, nonetheless it's true.

Teens are notorious for consuming soda, junk food, fatty foods and sugar in copious amounts. You know this is true! Next time you pick up a candy bar, check the food label for the ingredients. You'll find oils and sugars galore. A greasy, fast food burger and fries may be tasty, but you can bet this lunch or dinner will show up on your face in no time. If you're serious about knowing how to prevent pimples, take a page from the health food freaks. You don't need to follow a total abstinence program from these treats, but you do need to change the balance of your diet such that the Friday night burger-fries treat is just that – a treat – and not everyday fare.

Much as Mom might irritate you with her lectures on good, wholesome food, she's really trying to do you a favor. She was a teen, oh so long ago, too. She knows that pimples are the scourge of teenage happiness.

A good complexion relies on certain nutrients essential to the health of your skin. Among the most important are vitamins A, C, and E, along with trace minerals, such as zinc. These nutrients form the core of a clear complexion. That's why you've got to learn to load up on fruits and veggies. At your age, vitamin supplements of A, C and E and the mineral zinc are absolutely your BFF's in how to prevent pimples. If you load up on produce six days a week, you might be able to indulge in that Friday night fling with the burger and fries.

Along with dietary changes, you need to implement a daily skin cleansing program, first opening the pores of your skin with a mild soap, rinsing well and then applying an astringent, such as witch hazel. Do this morning and evening.

Stress is a given for teenagers. By reducing stress, you're a step closer to knowing how to prevent pimples. Don't be a couch potato! Get out and exercise in whatever form you find pleasing. Take a ride on your bike, dance, do yard work or whatever you enjoy. You'll sweat out toxins that produce pimples. Then, go wash your face and kick back!

How to prevent pimples? It's easy enough – you just need to be diligent in your diet, de-stressing and a conscientious skin cleansing program. Do these three things and check back in a month. You will get positive results! (TIMExplore.com)

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