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World’s Most Expensive Contact Lenses

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Fashion competes with itself every day! One day we are astonished with diamonds on teeth, while the other day we come across another innovation. 

A new in the field of contact lenses has brought fashion-for-eyes to a new level. A brilliant look, Indian ophthalmologist Chandrashekhar Chawan who invented worlds most precious contact lanses,instead of silicone polymers his creations consist of a sheet of gold with 18 diamonds. . Priced between Rs 5,00,000 ($ 11,200) and Rs 7,00,000 ($15,700).

The inspiration for this creation, was born just looking at the bright and sparkling smile of his wife who after a visit to the dentist, returned home with a diamond on the tooth.

The gold plate used in the lenses will be set 6-9 mm away from the cornea, and also hold water to give the eyes a soothing effect. These weight only 5g in total.The contact lenses can be worn by both men and women. Although, it will be preferred by women for many reasons. Only 3,996 pairs will be created as these are special edition for the people who can afford around $15,000for a pair of these bling lenses. The lenses can be worn throughout life, at anytime of the day without any hassle.

If you are worried that that such a device could cause eye damage, Chawan also provides with a guarantee certificate for these.(TIMExplore.com)

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