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How To Seduce Men By Their SunSign

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Seducing a man isn’t as difficult. To seduce a man, you first have to seduce yourself. In this previous article How to Seduce Women by their SunSign,

you have learnt some kind of technique or routine to become a great seducer. Now we will disclose the basic rules you should know, along with a set of techniques and methods of seduction that will let you seduce men by their SunSign.

Seducing the Aries

The most important thing to consider is that you never have to take the first step: let him win your love!!! If you are clever, different and exciting, you're the right woman!! Important: be sincere and lovely and he will never part from you. TIP: at your first dinner together, eat meat dishes.

Seducing the Taurus

With Taurean men you mustn't be in a hurry or over-hasty. In fact, Taureans need a long time to understand if they have finally found the right woman. The secret to win their love is being first a good friend. If you invite him for dinner, remember that he likes eating and prepare abundant helpings. TIP: at your first date use romantic music and lights.

Seducing the Gemini

Gemini men are free and restless. Their ideal woman should understand them, share their many interests and, at the same time, never make him feel bridled. They are brilliant and never monotonous lovers. At your first dinner together you should eat unusual dishes, unusual like his nature! TIP: If you want to strike him, wear a girdle!!!

Seducing the Cancer

Cancerian men are sensible, romantic and protective, but they are misery and capricious as well. To win his love you should assume a sweet and childish behaviour. He loves concerts and tête-à-tête dinners. TIP: Never contradict him, he's very touchy!!!

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