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5 Rules to Deal With Jealousy

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A bit of jealousy is an essential ingredient of any relationship, it demonstrates the interest and passion to your loved one.


Nothing wrong so if this drive is in the proper limits of acceptability.Very often jealousy turns into something stronger and more serious obsession that affects men and women equally. A real change of mentality is essential to overcome the excessive jealousy.

Recognize the problem

First step is to be aware of the problem and try to deal with it. We must understand that it is not a legitimate feeling, but a problem. If you do not recognize the problem you feed it in a certain way and it will increase more and more.

Try to understand the causes

In most cases; the jealousy comes from insecurity and low self-esteem. Bt this problem can only be overcome with higher self-esteem, focus on your strengths, on your strengths and accept that person next to you loves you for who you are.

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