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Strength Training Workouts at Home

You can get just as good a workout by just using the everyday things around you or your own body and achieve great results. Strength training workouts don’t require tons of equipment and fancy machines. 

What they do require is the will and tenacity to do strength training workouts on your own without guidance from some overpaid personal trainer.

Strength training workouts using isometrics, or resistance exercises, have been around for a long, long time and continue to give great results when used correctly.

One of the best strength training workouts you can do without the use of weights or machines is the standard pushup. We all know how to perform a basic pushup but if you are older or experiencing joint pain, a pushup may be too difficult to perform. There are several ways around this. One way is to not lie flat on the ground but position yourself on an incline with your arms supporting you by grasping the side of a bench, for example. This places less dead weight on your arms and makes the pushup considerably easier, but no less effective. You may need to do more reps but that is okay. You can also do what are called “female” pushups, where your knees are touching the ground. These are markedly less effective and not recommended.

One of the most common isometric exercises for strength training workouts is to hold your arms in front of your chest and push one hand against the other. The point of this exercise is to use your own strength against yourself. Pushing one hand cupped against the other for as long as you can hold it is taxing and you will work up a good sweat. Kung Fu trainees also add another element to this exercise and that is bending down into a semi-crouch while performing the exercise. This is called a “horse” stance and will have you straining in no time.

Another of the great strength training workouts is the simple lunge. This is where you walk across a room and almost kneel down at each step. This stretches your legs while working the larger thigh muscles. For your calves you can do easy step-ups. Stand with your legs straight and then stand on your tippy toes for a count of ten, then back down, then repeat. You will definitely feel this the next morning and may even get you cramping so drink plenty of water.

As with all strength training workouts, please consult with your doctor before doing anything too strenuous that could possibly injure you. The great thing about isometrics is that they are not as prone to causing injuries as weight training. (TIMExplore.com)

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