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Balanced Diet For Working Women

The life of working women is very stressful specially when we have to come home and do the housework too, take care of the kids and sometimes also taking care of the whole family which also includes in laws.

In all this process mostly women tend to neglect their health and especially their diet. This carelessness towards diet due to work pressure and personal tensions are reducing their life span gradually and making their body prone to health ailments. Here are some tips for working women that works for a healthy body.


Beginning of the day, you have an empty stomach and so the foods that you eat pass from the stomach to the intestines at a very rapid pace. Digestion, absorption, and conversion of food to energy unit glucose are also done quickly. Start your day with milk, cornflakes, multi grains and a fruit. Also, you can drink skim or fat free milk with your cereal to complete your dairy serving without the added fats of whole milk.

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