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Ayurveda Tips: Balancing Pitta

People with more Pitta in their constitutions, has a medium sized body, and a good appetite. Pitta governs bodily functions concerned with heat and metabolism

and directs all biochemical reactions and the process of energy exchange. A balanced Pitta person is warm, very intellectual, fearless, and has a strong digestion. A Pitta person who is not in balance is often irritated, critical, impatient, stubborn, dominating and can get rashes. When Pitta is out of balance, too much fire has accumulated in mind, body, and environment. This result in inflammations, gastric ulcer, eczema, rage, insatiable hunger and thirst. a sense of internal and external combustion. The best way to balance excess Pitta is to bring more space and coolness into the physiology.

Everyone can benefit by giving some attention to bringing pitta back into balance. If you experience symptoms of Pitta imbalance, the general guidelines below will help balancing your Pitta.

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